Press Release:  Affiliate Resource Site Launches

Toronto, Canada - A unique new affiliate resource site, The Affiliate's Dictionary ( has recently launched. provides definitions of common and obscure affiliate and online marketing terms, ranging from 'CPA' to 'Impression' to 'Revshare', and provides common HTML code such as hotlink code.  It also discusses search engines and other sources of traffic, affiliate programs, and other related resources.

Why did the creator of The Affiliate's Dictionary, Suzanne Currie, create the site?  Says Currie, "I found that as an affiliate, I would sometimes come across terms that I did not understand.  And, working in affiliate management for 3 years, I found that many affiliates did not understand some of our basic language, and often did not know simple HTML code like how to hotlink.  It seemed like both affiliates, and affiliate managers, needed a one-stop resource where they could quickly find the definition they were looking for, so I created to fulfill that need."

The Affiliate's Dictionary aims to cover all industries, from B2B to Adult.  It defines over 125 terms, and is constantly growing.

You can contact the webmaster of The Affiliate's Dictionary, Suzanne Currie, at [email protected] or visit the site at

February 17, 2008



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