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Guestbook Pen For Sale

Wedding guestbook pen for sale.  Clear stand and silver-colored pen with black ink.  Used one day.  $5.








Candle Holders For Sale

Candle holders for sale.  85 tealight candle holders, frosted white with silver Fleur-de-lis pattern.  Comes with unlit wax tealight candles, plastic boxes, and white ribbons.  Candle holders used once.  Great for a wedding or other event.  $165 for all 85.


Sign Stands For SaleSign stands for sale.  Two are about 6.5 inches tall and new, one is about 6.5 inches tall and is used, and three are about 4.5 inches tall and are new, all are black, $10 for all six.  Great for a wedding or event or around the house.  I had used similar ones to hold seating charts at my wedding and to hold photos.



Water Pitchers

Water pitchers for sale.  19 clear plastic water pitchers, used once to serve water.  Great for a wedding or other event, catering, restaurant, etc.  Cheaper than renting.  $25 for all.











Bowls, knife, and vase for sale.  18 clear glass bowls, 3.5 inches in diameter, great for creamers, sugar packets, butter, candy, etc.  Two 4 inch diameter clear glass pedestal bowls.  One 6 inch diameter clear plastic bowl.  Bread knife with cover.  Clear glass vase.  All used once.  Great for a wedding or other event.  $8 for all.


  Bridal Veil  Veil Hair Clip


Wedding veils for sale.  White wedding veil with blue beaded hair clip, never worn, $15.


Wedding Dress Irises

Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Detail

Wedding Dress Back

Wedding Dress Train

Wedding Dress Detail






Wedding dress for sale.  Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner #2514.  Slightly off white with lots of beaded detail and a train with a bustle.  Has a sweetheart neckline and a halter strap around the neck.  Laces up at the back which means it fits a range of sizes and you don't have to worry about gaining or losing weight before the wedding.  European size 16 but more like a normal dress size 8.  Has not been dry cleaned yet.  Includes a dress bag.  $450.



Coffee Mug Gift Pockets

Coffee mug pockets for sale.  "Friendship mugs" are shaped like a coffee mug and are open so you can slip in a tea bag, a soup packet, or another little gift for a friend, for a thank you gift, or for someone who is feeling under the weather.  All new.  $20 for all 15.




White Stand

Stand for sale. Has one shelf and one cupboard with sliding doors.  Painted white with small purple dragonflies on corners top and on shelf.  23 inches wide by 29 inches high by 13.5 inches deep. $35.  NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.




Duvet CoverQueen size duvet cover for sale.  Flannel plaid with plum purple, navy and light blue, white and off white.  Good condition. From a clean, smoke-free home. Comes with bonus tissue box cover.  $30.




Film Camera

35mm film camera for sale. Canon Sure Shot Pal. With case, cord, new battery, and manual. Uses film, not digital. This is a decent but easy-to-use camera - the buttons are the on/off switch, 3 flash levels (off, on, and red eye), an auto timer and the button to take the picture. Also has a tripod mount. Excellent condition. $30.



35mm Film Camera

35mm film camera for sale. Canon Sure Shot Max. With case, cord, and battery. Uses film, not digital. This is a decent but easy-to-use camera - the buttons are the on/off switch, 3 flash levels (off, on, and red eye), an auto timer and the button to take the picture. Excellent condition. $30.





Computer MonitorComputer monitor for sale. Nokia. 20" screen. Total size 20 inches wide by 20 inches high by 20.5 inches deep. $50. NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE, NEEDS TO BE TESTED.



Complete National Geographic on CD ROM

The Complete National Geographic on CD ROM for sale. 108 years of issues. Complete with all disks, boxes, and manual. $40.




Dell Power Supply Cord

Dell Inspiron 8200 power supply cord for sale.  This is the cord that goes between the power supply box and wall ONLY, not the entire power supply.  Works, in great condition, used only for about a year.  I had bought this for $30 from Dell to replace my damaged cord, then about a year later I needed to replace the whole power supply, so I have an extra cord now.  $10.


Encyclopedia of Science

Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Science software for sale.  Complete with CD, manual and box.  $10.





Myst III Exile For Sale

Myst III Exile game for sale.  For PC or Mac.  Includes four CDs, manuals and case.  Not tested.  $5.




NES System For SaleNES Nintendo system for sale. Original Nintendo.  Includes control deck, brand new third party power supply, brand new AV cables, controller, Super Mario Brothers 3 and Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt.  Refurbished with a brand new pin connector.  NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.



NES Games

NES Nintendo games for sale.  Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf, Faxanadu, Golf, Play Action Football, and Star Tropics.  $10 each.


Super Nintendo

SNES Super Nintendo for sale.  Includes console, brand new third party power supply, brand new third party composite AV cord, RF switch, two controllers and six games.  $60.  NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.



Super Nintendo Controllers



Nintendo 64 ControllerVideo game accessory for sale. Sega RF switch.  I do not have a system to test it.  $5.



Video TapesVideo Tapes for Sale. X Files Movie, Lord of the Rings, Eyes Wide Shut, Forrest Gump, Risky Business, Wayne's World, Men of Sherwood Forest, Dr. Zed's Science Activities, National Geographic Volcano, Studio 56 Getting to Know the Villages, and How to Build a Pond.  Most viewed once or twice.  Also 5 used "blank" video tapes and one new sealed blank video tape.  $1 each or buy 5 get 1 free or all for $12.  DVDs for sale - Mission Impossible or Days of Thunder $5 each or both for $8.



Drums Percussion Book

Drums and percussion book for sale.  Standard of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method.  Drums and Mallet Percussion Book 2.  Great for a  school music class or for a hobby.  $5.




Dell Canada Inc


Fantasy and Medieval BooksFantasy and medieval books for sale.  Well of Darkness by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman (hardcover), Dragon Fantastic anthology (paperback), and Costume and Fashion 1550-1760 (hardcover).  $5 for all three.



Craft Kits

Craft kits for sale. Cross stitch Christmas ornaments or cross stitch cats $10 each. Cat and rooster cross stitch $5. All new sealed packages.




Craft Stamps

Craft stamps for sale.  18 stamps in various sizes and patterns plus 5 ink pads.  $8 for all.




Craft Paint

Craft paints for sale.  $10 for all.



National Geographic Shattering Earth

National Geographic magazine for sale.  December 1988 issue with the holographic cover where the Earth shatters.  Good condition.  $5.




Sun Moon and Star Chimes

Chimes for sale.  Gold-colored sun, moon and stars.  $5.






Silver Moon Necklace

Silver moon and star pendant and chain for sale. $15.





Cream and Sugar Made in Germany US Zone

Cream and sugar set for sale.  Made in Germany US Zone.  White with gold trim and colorful flowers.  $25/set.



Eggies Box

Eggies for sale.  Cook hardboiled eggs without the shell.  New. $15 each or both for $20.





Purple Table Runner

Table runner for sale. Plum purple, with a wavy/leafy pattern. Has tassels on each end. Not including the tassels, the size is 82cm long by 29cm wide. Good condition. From a clean, non-smoking home. $5.



Blue Heart Paper Towel Holders

Paper towel holders for sale.  Can hold hair elastics, paper towels, toilet paper etc.  Blue and white with heart-shaped bases.  $6 for the pair.







Desk Set Envelope Organizer Pen Holder Paper Box

3-piece desk set for sale.  Includes pen holder with two spaces for paperclips etc., envelope organizer with three sections, and a paper box.  Cream colored with turquoise and coral colored southwest pattern.  $10 for the set.


Board Games

Board games for sale.  Once, a unique game where you make up stories about your past and others guess whether they are true or not, $5.  Trivial Pursuit cards, has the Baby Boomers Edition box and one set of cards plus one set of 80's edition cards. No board etc. $5.  Trivial Pursuit Genus edition box, board, pieces, one set of Genus edition cards and two sets of Baby Boomers edition cards, $10.  Trivial Pursuit 25th Anniversary Edition with easy, medium and hard questions, includes board and pieces, $10.



Black Toboggan

Sled for sale. Plastic toboggan. 66 inches long by 22.5 inches wide.  NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.








My Little Pony Strawberry Shortcake

My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake ornaments for sale.  All three are boxed.  $5 each.






Homemade Crafts:

Hair Scrunchies for Sale

Hair scrunchies for sale.  Various colors and patterns.  Homemade.  $2 each or 3 for $5.




Christmas Cat Tissue Cover for Sale

Christmas cat tissue box cover for sale.  Homemade.  $18.





Christmas Coasters for Sale

Christmas Coasters for Sale.  Poinsettias $12.  Santa in Chimney $12.  House and snow $13.  Snowman and mittens $14.  Homemade.




Christmas Door Hangers for Sale

Christmas door hangers for sale.  Poinsettia or peace angel.  Homemade.  $7 each.




Tissue Covers For Sale

Tissue covers for sale.  Black and white comedy and tragedy or pink and ivory roses.  Homemade.  $12 each.



Barnyard Coasters for Sale

Barnyard coasters for sale.  Includes cow, sheep, duck, goose, rooster, pig, and basket.  Homemade.  $15.



Gift Boxes For Sale

Gift boxes for sale.  About 10 inches high.  Burgundy and white stripes or green and white stripes.  Homemade.  $25 each.



Tissue Box Covers For Sale

Tissue covers for sale.  Red and white hearts, purple pansies, or yellow with dinosaurs.  Homemade.  $12 each.



Quilt Block Coasters For Sale

Quilt block coasters for sale.  Homemade.  $10.



Quilt Tulip Computer Disk Coasters For Sale

Coasters for Sale.  Quilt blocks $10.  Homemade.




Turkey Tissue Cover For Sale

Turkey tissue cover for sale.  Homemade.  $15.




Hot and Cold Packs For Sale

Hot and cold packs for sale.  Filled with buckwheat.  Heat in the microwave or cool in the freezer.  Various colors and 2 sizes.  Long 4 by 13 inches:  3 light green, 1 light blue, and 2 white with blue flowers.  Short 6 by 9.5 inches:  2 off white with red cars.  Homemade.  $8 each or 2 for $15.


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